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What can you do to help prepare your home for sale?

Cleaning, decluttering and de-personalizing your home will go a long way towards impressing buyers and helping them imagine themselves living there. There are many other minor things you can do that will increase your sale price and help reduce your time on the market.home-staging

  • Update light bulbs (no fluorescents/energy efficient bulbs)
  • Shampoo old carpets or consider replacing them
  • Repair/patch damaged floors and walls
  • Paint interior rooms in neutral colours and refresh all trim
  • Landscape the front and back yards
  • Eliminate undesirable odors
  • Consider having your home staged


What is home staging?

Home staging is the act of preparing a home for sale in such a way to maximize the sale price and minimize time on the market. The goal is to make the home appealing to as wide of a spectrum of potential buyers as possible. Home staging is about illusions; making rooms look bigger and brighter, giving the house an aura of warmth and most importantly allowing prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there.

In basic staging, things like decluttering, paint color, where furniture is placed and what type of lighting is used can make big differences for only small monetary investments.In a more thorough staging job, outside furniture, art, window coverings and various other things may be brought in to help. Your level of commitment is up to you and your budget.

We offer a free home staging consultation (up to a $500 value) because we want to see your home reach it’s true potential. What you decide to do with the advice given is completely up to you and no further monetary investment is needed.