Tips for Moving In and Moving Out

Moving is never easy. Furniture, accessories and clothing accumulated throughout the years can surprise and overwhelm even the most organized of people.  Here’s a handful of tips and advice we’ve picked up along the way that might help you when it’s your turn for a big move. The most important thing when moving is planning. A ... Continue Reading: Tips for Moving In and Moving Out

Multiple Offers

Lately, the market has been very active, and we have been running into multiple offers more frequently. Being in "competition" is certainly a very different scenario than a "typical" offer situation...but many people are uneasy about competing for a home. It is important to fully understand the multiple offer process, in order to feel more ... Continue Reading: Multiple Offers

Everything about Home Inspections

(From our friends over at Pillar-to-Post) A home inspection, also known as a building inspection or a property inspection, is a thorough visual assessment of a home conducted by a certified professional home inspector at a specific point in time. While a home may be inspected for many reasons, most home inspections occur before a home ... Continue Reading: Everything about Home Inspections